Manufacturer - Manage Groups of Users and Partners

What is the Manage Groups feature?

The premium Manage Groups functionality provides the ability for a manufacturer account to create custom groups comprised of partners and users. Create as many groups as you'd like containing any combination of retail partners or individual users from your company, and then apply this custom group Visibility to assets, products, Folders, and data fields (for example: customer specific pricing fields).

Why should I subscribe to this Plugin?

Do your business needs require an advanced level of control over what companies or users can view and download select products or product information fields? The Manage Groups Plugin provides the ability to create custom groups and efficiently assign Visibility to Folders, products, and data fields.


Where is Manage Groups located?


How do I create a group?

1) First step is to click the "Create New" button and name it (ex. Walmart Buyers). Optionally you can provide a description of the group.


2) Then populate the group with partners or individual users by dragging them onto the group tile or clicking the "+" icon. When done adding users or partners click "Save" in the upper right corner.


3) Once saved this custom group Visibility can be applied to any Folder, individual product, or even individual fields within your dataset.


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