How Do I Group Products By A Common Value? *NEW*


When a manufacturer uploads product content every row in their datasheet (spreadsheet) is a product that is represented by a tile in the Assets page. This is great for most products as they are all unique. However, in the case of apparel or footwear where a product will have many different sizes it may be preferred to group the products by a model number. This way a product with 28 different size combinations will be represented by a single "tile" in the Assets page for searching and viewing.

How do I group products?


Go to your Assets page and select a field in the "Group By" menu. If you don't see this menu option then please clear your web browser cache. The most common field to group by would be model number as this is often a key identifier brands use for the same product but allows for unique sizes or colors which would often be uniquely identified by UPC or GTIN. The Group By feature is unique to every user on Shotfarm. It is not a company wide setting. But once a user selects a Group By Field then it will remain "sticky" until they change the Group By setting. You can group by Brand, Model Number, Model Name, or use a wildcard "Group ID" which can be whatever identifier in the brand's dataset that was mapped to the Group ID Core Field.

How does this affect adding products to a Folder or Exporting?

The Group By function only affects "viewing" in the Assets page (Gallery View). It does not affect how you use Shotfarm for adding products to a Folder or Exporting. All functionality will remain the same. When you add a grouped product to a Folder all the unique products (example: by size and/or color) will be shown in the Folder and when you download/export the Folder all products will be represented by unique rows in the datasheet (CSV) just like they always have been.


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