How do I fulfill an asset request?

Click the View link on the Manage LightBoxes page for the request you would like to see or fulfill. You’re able to view all the details of the asset request including specific product information as well as information about the requestor. If you have any questions, you can always contact them by phone (assuming they've provided their number!). Take special note of the due date for the request so you can provide the assets they need on time. If the requestor has sent a message about this request, it will be displayed in the Additional Information field.


You have three options for fulfilling an asset request:


  1. Send an existing LightBox.

Just select the LightBox you want to send from the dropdown. You can also automatically grant permission for this requestor (and his company) to access all of your company’s assets by checking the appropriate box. Clicking Send will send the LightBox to the requestor and mark the request as complete in your Manage Requests log.


  1. Create a New LightBox.

Enter the name of the new LightBox you want to create in the field and click the Create button. The LightBox will appear in your LightBox panel at the bottom of the screen and you'll be taken to the Gallery. All you need to do is fill the LightBox with images and then come back to the request and use Option 1 (above) to send the existing LightBox that you’ve just created.


  1. Forward the Asset Request to Someone Else.

If you’re unable to fulfill this particular request, you can always forward it to a colleague. They will receive an email notification of the request and will be able to Sign In (or Sign Up) to fulfill the request. The request will remain in your log with a status of FWD until your colleague has fulfilled it. Once the request has been fulfilled, it will be marked as completed.

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