How do I manage my asset requests?

The Manage Assets page allows you to view and manage all of your requests from one page:


Search Asset Requests

You can search for a particular request using the Project Name.


View Requests

Your request log is sortable by any of the columns by clicking the column header. This allows you to sort by due date, status, sender or recipient to best suit your way of working.


Request Log

Your request log will automatically display requests sent and received, first to last. The sender and recipient for each request, along with their respective companies, will be listed in the To and From columns. You will also see the Project Name, the Due Date for the asset and a Complete Status. Requests that are waiting for fulfillment will be marked No, those completed will be marked Yes and those that have been forwarded (by the original recipient) will be marked FWD.


Once a request is fulfilled, you will still be able to view it by clicking on the Project Name, but will not be able to take any action on it. Viewing a fulfilled request will show you which LightBox was used to fulfill it.



Retailers: For requests that are still open, you will have the option to either Edit the request or Send a Reminder to the request recipient.

Manufacturers: You will be able to click View to see and/or fulfill a request.

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