How do I use the Asset page?

Help: Asset Page Gallery View

When you first login to your account, your Assets page will display all of the assets that have been uploaded by users in your company (or it will be empty). You can search for specific products using the Search panel on the right side of the page.

What are my sort options?

You can sort your results by the date they were created using the "Sort by" menu:

  • Newest (default) will sort your results to show you the most recently created or modified.
  • Oldest will sort your results to show you the least recent created/modified first.

You can change between these sort options to reverse the order in which the items are displayed.

How many products can I display per page in the Gallery View?

You can change the number of results per page by clicking 24, 48, or 72 under the View menu. The default is 24 per page.

What is the Results Found number?

When you first arrive on the Assets page the Results Found will report the total number of products or individual assets in your account. Once you submit a search it will change to how many products or assets were found as a result of your search criteria.

What is the Storage Capacity?

The storage capacity reports the amount of storage that has been used as a percentage of your accounts total storage. If you have subscribed to a 10GB storage package and have used 1GB, then your storage capacity is at 10%.

What is the Select menu?

You can select/deselect all the assets on a single page and then use the Gallery Actions or LightBox Actions menu to perform bulk actions.

What is the Gallery Actions menu?

The Gallery Actions menu lets you take actions on one or more assets at once. Either manually select individual assets using the checkmark on the upper right corener of each asset or use the Select menu to select all on the page (or revert to "none" if you made a mistake in your selections). Then select an action to perform:

  • Set Visibility: Set who can view and download the asset or product.
  • Add to LightBox: Adds the selected assets to the active LightBox panel.
  • Remove from LightBox: Removes the selected assets from the active LightBox panel.
  • Delete Assets: Deletes the assets and data forever.

What is the LightBox Actions menu?

The LightBox Actions menu lets you take actions on the complete LightBox. Actions include:

  • Export: Takes you to the Export Factory where you can download assets and data.
  • Share: Share the LightBox with explicit users by email address.
  • Open in LightBox Below: Opens the LightBox in the panel at the bottom of your page.
  • Create ImageSet: Pushes all images, SpinSets, and MP4 video assets within a LightBox to your optional hosting section and creates an ImageSet.
  • Delete: Provides the option to delete just the LightBox or the LightBox and the assets within the LightBox. This is a permanent decision.

What is Visibility?

By default all products (assets + data) are set to Visibility "My Company" which means that all products can be viewed and downloaded by anyone within your company. At any time you can change the Visibility to one of these options (some require a Premium Plugin):

  • My Company: This is the default state. All users within your company can view and download.
  • Private (Just Me): This restricts view and download privileges to just yourself. No other coworkers or partners can view and download. Turn this Premium Plugin on by visiting the Plugin Store.
  • Specific User(s): This restricts view and download privileges to the user within your company that you select. No other coworkers or partners can view and download. Turn on the Advanced Visibility Plugin by visiting the Plugin Store.
  • My Partners: This allows all of your partners to view and download the product. Manufacturer accounts grant partnership to retailers on the Manage Partners & Access page.
  • Specific Partner(s): This allows you to select one or more partners that can view and download the product. Other partners will not be able to view and download that product. Turn on the Advanced Visibility Plugin by visiting the Plugin Store.
  • Public (Shotfarm community): This allows all retailer accounts to view and download the product regardless of their partnership status. Other manufacturers can not view or download another manufacturer's products.

How do I change asset or product Visibility?

On your Assets page Gallery View either manually select the assets using the checkmark in the upper right corner of each product, or use the Select: All menu option which selects all assets/products viewable on your page. Then click the Gallery Actions menu and set the Visibility for the checked products.

What do the asset icons do?

In your Gallery View each box represents a product which can store one or many assets along with product information. You will see one of four icons in this container:

    1. The Download icon is in the upper left. This downloads a ZIP file of all the assets belonging to that product. If there is only one asset it will not ZIP the single asset file.
    2. The Select icon is a checkmark in the upper right corner. When you select this the Gallery Actions menu will become active.
    3. The Add to LightBox icon is in the lower right corner. This will add the asset to the LightBox that’s selected in the LightBox panel at the bottom of your screen.

NOTE: It's possible to add assets from one LightBox to another by selecting one LightBox in the Search panel and a different one in the LightBox panel at the bottom of your screen and using the buttons described above.

How do I view more asset or product details?

To view any asset in greater detail, simply click on the thumbnail image to see the Product Detail View.

What is the Product Detail View?

The product detail view displays many additional pieces of information depending on what was uploaded to your account. For example all assets within that product record will be displayed starting with the main file and then displaying the additional files in the order specified within the product data. For any selected asset you will see the Asset Information section which displays the file name along with other meta data. And you will see the Product Information section which displays all product information associated with those asset(s).

Downloading from the Product Detail View

The download menu offers a default option to download "Originals" which will take you to the Export Factory where you download all assets related to this product in a single ZIP file.

How do I edit product information?

In the product detail view you can edit the data associated with that product. Click the Data Actions menu, then Edit. Now you are in Edit mode and can edit any data. Click Save when you are done (button in upper right corner). Once you make an edit to existing data a new CSV will appear in your Manage Data page named YourEdits.csv. This CSV file contains all edits made to products within your account. You can deactivate and delete all these edits if you like which removes all the edits from your account. When new edits are made a new YourEdits.csv file will be created.

What is the Asset Timer?

The Asset Timer is a premium feature that you subscribe to in the Plugin Store. Once subscribed, you can set a new Visibility along with a date to automatically change to that Visibility. You can set two Visibility changes with separate start dates.

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