How do I manage coworker user permissions?

User Permissions is a premium Plugin that allows you to manage which users within your company have permission to use key functionality. By default all users within your company have permission to use all of your account's functionality.

How does it work?

By default, all users will have all functionality selected. If there is a checkmark (Has Permission) for that user in a specific column it means they have permission to use that function. To remove permission, find the user and the function you want to turn off for that user. Then click to remove the checkmark. Once you've made your changes, click the "Save" button in the upper right corner. If you've made a bunch of changes, but haven't hit "Save" yet, you can click the "Revert" button to return the page to the current saved state.

Step 1: Determine who can set permissions

The first question to consider is "who can set and edit permissions within your company?". It is best to have a couple of users who can edit permissions in case adjustments need to be made while one user is on vacation or not available. Just uncheck any users in the first column "Can edit these Permissions" and then click the "Save" button. The users with no checkmarks will no longer be able to edit anything on the User Permissions page. Tip: you can check/uncheck all users in one step by hovering your cursor over the checkmark triangle at the top of each column and clicking the option in the dropdown menu.

Step 2: Edit specific user's permissions

The next step is to edit who can do what. For example, you may only want one user who can delete assets and data from your account. Quickly uncheck all users in the "Delete Assets" column by using the checkmark triangle at the top of the column and click "Uncheck All" in the dropdown menu, then find the user who should have permission to delete and click to display a checkmark. Then click the "Save" button. Users with no checkmarks will no longer be able to delete any assets or data from your company's account.

Step 3: All new users on?

The default behavior is that all new users will have permission to use all functionality. However, you can turn off this behavior per function (per column) by using the checkmark triangle at the top of the column and unchecking "All new users ON". If there is no checkmark then all new users that sign up for your account after you click "Save" will not have permission to use this function. You will need to do this once for each column/function that you want to turn off for all new users.

Do you need permission to do something?

If you don't have rights to edit the permissions, you can send an email to a user that can edit permissions by clicking on the "contact" link next to their name. Ask them to adjust your permissions. Shotfarm does not manage your company's permissions.

Search, filter, sort and, check/uncheck all

If you have a lot of users within your account you can quickly find users by searching their first or last name, or filter the list by using the letter filter bar. If you click on the letter "M", the table will filter to only show users starting with the letter "M". You can also check or uncheck all users by using the checkmark triangle dropdown menu at the top of each column. Last, but not least, all columns are sortable.

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