Manage Downloads page


The Manage Downloads page is where you can find all downloads for your account processed through the Export Factory. All downloads on this page originated from a LightBox.



Since all downloads originate from a LightBox, the Download Name will match the name of the LightBox that was downloaded or exported through a Switch.

Created By

The name of the user who initiated the process to download that LightBox.


The date the download was originally processed and ready for download.

Link to ZIP

This URL is a direct link to download the ZIP file which includes all files and data. You can email this link with a Shotfarm user as it does require login to Shotfarm before it can be downloaded.


This column shows the number of files within each ZIP file.

File Size

This displays the size of the downloadable ZIP file so you know how large it is before downloading. Large files will take longer to download. Speed of download depends on your Internet bandwidth.


The current status of each set of files. Options include "Queued" which means the file is in line to be processed. Other states include: "Processing", and the final status "OK" means the file is ready to be downloaded. If you get a status of "Error" you will need to recheck your LightBox contents and reprocess the download.


Click "Download" to download your export in a single ZIP file. You can also "Clear" exports in process, or "Delete" completed exports which will also reduce the storage used in your account.

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