Export Factory Overview

The Export Factory lets you take a LightBox of assets and download the original files and/or data. However, you can also push assets and data through a Switch, which offers advanced transformation, conversion, and delivery options.

I'm in the Export Factory, how do I Download Assets and Data?

To process a LightBox of files and data in their original format, click "Process Now” and a ZIP file will be prepared and ready for you to download on your Manage Downloads page. A CSV spreadsheet file is included by default (if product data is available) which lists details of the assets in your LightBox. All available fields of information will be included in this CSV. Available information depends on what was entered by the owner of the assets. CSV files can be opened and edited in any spreadsheet application such as Microsoft Excel and Apple Numbers.

What are my options with Basic Export?

By default just click "Process Now" and you'll download all assets and data in your LightBox. However, if you only want the assets, or vice versa, only the data, then select (or deselect) the appropriate checkboxes "Original Assets" and "Original Data". These options allow you to export data only, or assets only, or by default - both data and assets.

What are Switches?

Switches are custom export modules, or "product feeds", simply created by publishing a set of data, asset, and delivery preferences. Creating a Switch is as easy as clicking “Create New” in the Manage Switches page and selecting options in the Switch Creator. Retailers can create and "Publish" a Switch to the Switch Marketplace where manufacturers install and then push data and files through the custom Switch. Manufacturers can create a Switch, but it is a custom export module just for their company. If you can't find a retailer Switch and would like one created, contact us at help@shotfarm.com and we can work with your retailer to get a Switch created.

What is the difference between Custom Switches and Partner Switches?

Custom Switches tab is available to all accounts and will be empty until a Switch is created. Any Switch you create will be available in this tab. Manufacturer accounts also have a "Partner Switches" tab. This is where any installed retailer Switches reside. Want a demo of how Switches work? Contact us at help@shotfarm.com.

Where do I push Assets and Data through a Switch?

Once a manufacturer account has a Switch installed, you push a LightBox of content through the Switch by going to the "Partner Switches" tab in the Export Factory.

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