How do I download multiple files at once?


You download a set of products (assets and data) by adding them to a LightBox and then using the "LightBox Actions: Export" option. This sends your LightBox to the Export Factory where you click the "Process Now" button. All files and data in the LightBox will be prepared and available for download in a ZIP file on the Manage Downloads page.


1. Add products to a LightBox (see the "How do I add products to a LightBox?" help article)
2. Click the "LightBox Actions: Export" link


3. You will be taken to the Export Factory where you click the "Process Now" button. Note that if the Process Now button is not active, then you didn't come to the Export Factory via a LightBox (see step 2 above).


4. A window opens asking you to confirm the export by clicking the "Proceed" button. You will be taken to the Manage Downloads page where the files will be processed and placed in a ZIP file for download.

5. When processing is complete your files are ready. Click "Actions: Download". A ZIP file will be downloaded to your computer where your web browser normally saves files.


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