Rich Media Hosting Overview

The Manage Hosting area is broken up into three sections:

Manage ImageSets, Settings, and Implementation. Shotfarm's Rich Media Hosting for Ecommerce uses a few lines of JavaScript and a Trigger Image on your ecommerce website that lets Shotfarm's servers know when to load your ImageSet (the container that holds product content such as images or video) and what ImageSet (tied to a specific product) to load into it.

Manage ImageSets

You upload, create and manage ImageSets in this section. An ImageSet is a set of assets (JPG or PNG images, MP4 video, YouTube or Vimeo URLs, and 360º SpinSets) that you assign to a particular product.


This is where you can set up features such as automatic generation of thumbnails (including Trigger images), and your FTP settings so we know where to deliver the trigger images. Additional functionality is available based on your subscription in the Plugin Store such as Swatch Support and Inventory Awareness.


This is where the JavaScript, your unique Shotfarm ID, and instructions can be found to implement either the Pop-up or Embedded version of Rich Media Hosting on your website.


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