How do I search for products?

Help: Search

You can search all of your company's products (assets + data) by selecting or entering any of the following information:

  • LightBox
  • Brands
  • Custom Search Field (manufacturer accounts only)
  • Model Number
  • Model Name
  • Part Number
  • Unique IDs: UPC, EAN, ASIN, ISBN, UDI
  • File Name or Keyword

Enter less information to get the widest variety of results. If you want to run a new search, don’t forget to click "Clear" before entering your new search attributes or they’ll be added to the previous attributes. In order to maintain brand security, you will only be able to view assets uploaded by your company, not other manufacturers.

Can I enter multiple values in the same search field?

Yes. You can search on multiple values in the Model Number, Part Number, and UPC, GTIN, etc. fields. Separate the values with a comma or a line return. You can also copy and paste from Excel directly into each field.

How do I search by LightBox?

At the top of the search box, you will see a section named "by LightBox" containing two drop down menus. You must first select an owner, then select a LightBox.

Select Owner:

  • My LightBoxes: LightBoxes you have created.
  • My Company's LightBoxes: LightBoxes set to Access Level 2 (+ My Company).

Select LightBox: This list will display all the LightBoxes relevant to your selection above it.

Can I search within a LightBox?

Yes, you can limit your search to just the products found in a LightBox. After you've selected a LightBox in the drop down menu, enter additional attributes and resubmit your search.

Can I filter results using additional search fields?

If you get more results than you want, you can filter your results by entering additional information into the search fields, such as a Model Number or Name, and resubmitting the search with these narrowed parameters.

What if I get no search results?

If your search returns no results, try removing some information by running a broader search.

Can I save search results to the current LightBox?

After running a search, you can "Save Search Results to Current LightBox" to save all of the products in your search result to the LightBox selected in the LightBox panel at the bottom of the page.

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