How do I invite partners?

You can invite any of your co-workers or external partners to join Shotfarm by sending them an invitation. Just enter their work email addresses and click the Send button. The more users who join the system, the easier your job will be! When the people you invite sign up, you'll be notified so that you can begin sharing assets.

1. Go to your name in the upper right corner and click "Partners & Access"


2. Scroll down the page to "Invite or Grant Partnership to Resellers"

3. Input a custom message if you'd like

4. Paste in the email address(es)

5. Click "Send"



Why are work email addresses required?

We do it for the security of the Shotfarm community, so that we don't have unauthorized users creating accounts and pretending to represent companies that they don't. If you have a sales rep or other partner that only uses a non-company email address, please contact us at and we'll provide a solution.

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