Manufacturer - Who can view and download my images?

If you're a manufacturer, there are currently three "Visibility" levels that apply to assets or products within your account:

  1. Upon upload, a manufacturer company's assets (files) or products (data + assets) are set to "Company" Visibility and can be viewed and downloaded by any employees of the company who are also Shotfarm members.
  2. If the Visibility is changed to "My Partners" then a manufacturer's assets/products will become visible to any retailer who is a member of Shotfarm and has been granted partnership.
  3. A manufacturer account can also set the visibility of assets/products to "Public" in which case they will become viewable and downloadable by any retailer on Shotfarm.

Note that to protect your brand privacy, manufacturers are prevented from seeing each others' assets. In cases where it's necessary to give visibility to another manufacturer, you can share assets by creating and sharing a LightBox.

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