How do I start implementing the viewer on my site


Before beginning implementation, make sure you have:

  1. At least one ImageSet created and active (with an image) in the Manage ImageSets section.
  2. Setup your FTP and Thumbnail Sizes in the Settings section (Thumbnail Factory). While FTP delivery is optional, you must have one thumbnail size group set up and marked as the "trigger image" for hosting to be operational.
  3. Enter your ecommerce domain in the Settings section.
  4. Find the appropriate section (Popup or Embedded) on the implementation page and read the details on how to proceed. For example, the embedded implementation requires JavaScript to be placed on the page that will launch ImageSets. This can be placed on your product page template. A product page ImageSet is only activated if a Trigger Image is located on that product page that matches the name of an ImageSet within your Shotfarm hosting account.
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