How to manage Rich Media Hosting settings?


The Manage Hosting Settings page packs a lot of functionality, but if you just want to get in and out the only required actions are to setup one thumbnail size group as "Use to Trigger ImageSets", and we need to know your website domain. Read below for more details.

What is a Thumbnail?

A thumbnail is any size variation of a product image. Most ecommerce sites have standard thumbnail sizes. Examples might include a 350Wx350H pixel thumb on your main product page, a 80x100px thumb for shopping carts and a 125x150px thumb for your category page. Shotfarm's Thumbnail Factory allows you to generate thumbs from 30 pixels, up to 2,500 pixels, in width and height depending on the size of the original uploaded file.

FTP Settings

Set up your FTP server address and login information if you want to automatically deliver thumbnails to your server when you create or edit ImageSets. Be sure to select the proper connection protocol between FTP, SFTP, and FTPS. You must specify a directory where your thumbnails will be delivered. The page may take a few seconds to refresh after you click the Test and Save button, we are just making sure a connection can be established with your FTP site.

Thumbnail Sizes

Tell us what size thumbnails you'd like and what we should name them before sending them to your FTP site. You can create as many as you'd like, but be sure you follow your site's current naming convention. If your images are normally named something like "UPC#_large.jpg" and "UPC#_small.jpg", you'll want to name your ImageSet by the UPC number and then create two different thumbnail groups: one with the suffix "_large" and one with the suffix "_small". A thumbnail of the Hero image will be created for each size. If those thumbnails need to be sent to different folders, you can also specify a subpath where each group should be delivered.

Note: a "trigger" thumbnail is the most important thumbnail group to create as it launches ImageSets on your website. In fact, your ImageSets will not work unless at least one thumbnail size is setup as "Use to Trigger ImageSets". Trigger thumbnails can only be created for the FIRST image in your ImageSet, or if you'd prefer to have a hidden trigger image we can create a white/transparent "blank" image.

Auto-Swatch Generation

This section will only be displayed if you have Swatch Support and Auto-Swatch Generation turned on. Swatches are used to show available colors for a product and group images by color within an ImageSet. We can automatically create swatches when you enter a unique Color Code in the ImageSet panel or through the multiple ImageSet upload spreadsheet. We'll name the swatches after the ImageSet Name and Color Code that was entered "ImageSetName_ColorCode.jpg".

Swatch Inventory Support

This section will only be displayed if you have Swatch Support and Inventory Awareness turned on in the Plugin Store. ImageSet swatches can be setup to respond to on-page events such as a user selecting a color dropdown menu. Tell us what field we should listen for by selecting a field ID or Class, and the exact name. Your ImageSets must also have unique Color Codes to define SwatchSets and allow for synching.

My Company's Logo

To brand your Pop-up ImageSets with your logo instead of Shotfarm's logo you will need to click "Upload Your Logo" and then select a logo image file no larger than 181 (width) x 50 (height) pixels and then click "Upload Logo". We accept the following file types for logo uploads: .jpg, .jpeg and .png. To replace an existing logo, simply click "Change Your logo", select a new logo image file and then click "Replace Existing Logo". You can always revert to the Shotfarm logo by deleting your logo.

Web Domain and Ecommerce Platform

By entering your web domain, you're ensuring that the ImageSets created by your account can only be used by you. This is important because you only want to be charged for activity happening on your websites. Telling us your ecommerce platform simply helps us define the best implementation strategy and instructions for you.

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