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Help: Manage Data (retailer accounts)

The Retailer's Manage Data page is where you upload output mapping sheet(s) for use in a company Switch.

What is an output mapping sheet?

It's a comma separated value (CSV) spreadsheet with at minimum two rows of information. One row needs to be your field names and a second row provides instructions for those fields. If you create a Switch and select the Map Data Fields feature then manufacturer product data fields can be mapped to your output fields so their data automatically flows into your field format. Download Output Mapping Sheet Instructions.

Are there any CSV upload requirements?

Any comma separated value (CSV) spreadsheet file can be uploaded with three caveats: 1) Make sure unique column names are in a row. 2) Make sure field instructions are included for each field in a separate "data" row otherwise the fields will be ignored. 3) Your data row (field instructions) should be the last row in your sheet.

Field Instruction Rules:

  • Optional: add the word "optional" to include the field as mappable by your manufacturer partners.
  • Recommended: add the word "suggested" to recommend that data be supplied. Manufacturers will be notified the field is "recommended" to map and provide data.
  • Required: add the word "required" to mark the field as required. Manufacturers will be notified the field is "required" to map and provide data.
  • Value List: add any of the above options (optional, suggested, required) with a colon ":" and then the values separated by commas. For example, if you have a field named "Includes Batteries" and the only two data values you want to receive from your partners are "Yes" or "No" you would set up your field instructions as "required:Yes,No". No spaces are necessary after the color or commas.

Note: Any field with blank instructions will be ignored and not available for mapping data. Download Output Mapping Sheet Instructions.

How do I upload a CSV spreadsheet?

Easy-Peasy. You drag-and-drop the CSV file onto your Manage Data table, or click to select file(s) located on your computer.

I've uploaded my CSV, what do I do next?

Use the Actions menu to Map Core Fields. This will take you to the Manage Core Fields page where you must map your relevant fields to the Shotfarm Core Fields. Any fields not mapped will show up as Custom Fields.

What are Core Fields?

Shotfarm Core Fields are industry-standard fields used to identify products. By making them common across Shotfarm all your users and partners can consistently search for products across the platform and also use advanced functionality such as renaming files based on Core field information. If we didn't have a common set of fields, there would be no consistent way to search for, and identify products.

I've mapped to the Core Fields, now what?

You're done. The output template will be displayed as an available output mapping sheet when you create or edit a Switch in the Switch Creator: Data > Convert section. Just select the sheet and it will be required to map to before data can flow through your Switch.

How do I replace my CSV?

Use the Actions menu to delete and then upload a new CSV as the replacement. This works fine if the CSV is not actively selected as a Switch output mapping sheet. If it is active then we will not let you delete the CSV until it has been deactivated in the Switch.

Can I upload my company's product hierarchy?

Yes, it is recommended to have at least one main category as your output fields map to the lowest level of your product categorization (aka product hierarchy). If you don't map and upload to the Main Category field then we default to "General" as your main category. You can add virtually unlimited number of subcategories and unique fields that align with those categories. Just label your columns subcategory (01), subcategory (02), etc. and map them as Core Fields.

What do the different colors and icons mean on the Manage Data page?

The icons have a few different states:

  • Color can be gray, orange or green.
  • Gray means the CSV exists but mapping has not started.
  • Orange half circle means the Core field mapping process is not at 100 percent.
  • Green means mapping to Core fields has been completed.

Can I edit the description of my uploaded CSV?

Yes, the Description column is editable, so if you have a meaningless file name you can add a description to help describe it.

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