How Do I Use the Image Processor?

Image Processor Overview

The Image Processor allows you to transform and resize images within a LightBox you are exporting. Watch the video of a user exporting a LightBox and setting up the Image Processor options at the bottom of this help article.

1. You must create a "Sizing Group Name". We will create a folder based off this name to put the images into.

2. You can change the Color Space, Color Profile, and File Format. You can choose to convert to four formats in the File Format menu: JPG, PNG, TIF, and TGA (Targa). If you select JPG as the file format you can also set the quality of the resulting JPG files.

3. You can resize the images to the size you need in pixels. Choose to resize by the Larger Dimension, Width, or Height. IMPORTANT: If you need the converted images to be square, select the "pad to square" checkbox.


4. Optionally add a prefix or suffix to your file names.

5. Optionally add another sizing group or duplicate the one you just created. Tip: If you just need a different size of images, with the same image requirements, duplicate the sizing group and then change the Resize section.

6. Don't forget to turn on the Image Processor before you export by selecting the checkbox!

Watch a user export a LightBox and setup Image Processor:


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