How Do I Quickly Share or Download Content? *NEW*


In most cases you will access content via Folders that have already been created within your company or by your partners. But there are other times you need to quickly Share or Download a selection of items from your Assets page - just follow these simple steps.

Select the Products or Assets you need

To select products or assets in the Gallery View click the checkmark in the upper left corner of one or more items or use the Select All button. Keep in mind that "Select All" will truly select all items available in your account or all items based on your search results. There is a limit to how many items can be downloaded at a single time.


Select Share or Download

Once you have items selected in your Gallery then you can click either the Share button which will open a window where you can enter email address(es) of anyone you would like to share with. A generic Folder will be created and shared, so it is best to add custom comments when you use the quick share function. If you need to download the data and assets click the Download button and a generic Folder will be created with the items and they will be processed and will show up on your Manage Downloads page when complete.


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