How do I view Product and Asset Details? *NEW*

What is the Product Detail View?

From the Assets page click on any product to get to the detail view. The product detail view displays many additional pieces of information depending on what was uploaded to your account. For example all assets within a product record will be displayed starting with the main file and then displaying the additional files in the order specified within the product data. For any selected asset you will see the Asset Information section which displays the file name along with other basic file metadata. Below that you will see the Product Information section which displays all product information associated with those asset(s).

Downloading from the Product Detail View

You can download the original files by either clicking on the download icon below any image or in the Asset Information box. You can also click the "Download All" button in the upper right corner of the detail view which will download all assets and any data (in .CSV file format) associated with the product. To download product content only (in .XLSX file format) click the icon in the upper right of the "Product Information" box.



What is the Asset Label?

The Asset Label identifies this asset and can be used as a search filter on your Assets page. The Label can be added or edited here.


What is the Asset Link?

The Asset Link is a direct web link (URL) to this asset. Use your computer's copy function to copy it, then you can paste where you'd like (ex. send in an email). This link is not meant for permanent hosting. In fact it will expire within 30 days!


How do I edit product information?

If you are a manufacturer account that owns the data then you can edit the data associated with that product. Click the Edit icon in the upper right corner of the Product Information box. Now you are in Edit mode and can edit data. Click Save when you are done (button in upper right corner). Once you make an edit to existing data a new CSV will appear in your Manage Data page named YourEdits.csv. This CSV file contains all edits made to products within your account. You can deactivate all these edits if you like which removes all the edits from your account. When new edits are made a new YourEdits.csv file will be created.


What is the Asset Timer?

The Asset Timer is a premium feature that you subscribe to in the Plugin Store. Once subscribed, the Asset Timer will display at the top of the Detail View page for "products" (assets + data merged as a single product) or for an "asset only" (asset not merged/part of a product). You can set a new Visibility level (company, partners, everyone) along with a date to automatically change to that Visibility. You can set two Visibility level changes with separate start dates. Click "Save" when done with the changes. If an asset is already part of a product (assets + data), then the products Visibility level supersedes the asset's Visibility level (you can not control the Visibility of an individual asset within a product).


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