How do I Search for Products and Assets? *NEW*

Search Overview

The Assets page is where all product (data + asset) searching is done. Manufacturer accounts can search all of their company's products (assets + data). Retailer accounts can search for all of their partners (manufacturers) products. Depending on what data has been uploaded and mapped to Shotfarm Core Fields, it will be searchable using the "Search Terms" field.

Product Search Terms:


  • Manufacturers (only Retailer accounts can search by manufacturer name)
  • Brand(s)
  • Model Number
  • Model Name
  • Part Number
  • Up to 5 Custom Search Fields

Asset Search Terms:


  • File Name
  • Keywords
  • Asset Label


Enter fewer search terms to get the widest variety of results. If you want to run a new search, click "Clear All" before entering your new search terms or they’ll be added to the previous attributes. Manufacturer accounts will only be able to view products/assets uploaded by their company, not other manufacturers. Retailer accounts can search and view content for any Shotfarm partner. Go to your "Partners & Access" page to request partnership.


You can also search or refine search results using "filters" in the search panel. Filter categories include:

  • Product Filters: includes model names and numbers, UPC, etc.
    • Category Filters: if a manufacturer uploads their product categories they will show here as filters.
  • Asset Filters: includes asset labels, file size and file extensions.
  • Folder Filters: includes My Folders, My Company Folders, My Partners Folders (retailers only).


Can I enter multiple values in the search terms field?

Yes. You can search on multiple values in the Search Terms field, just copy and paste from a spreadsheet or text file directly into the Search Terms field and hit enter.

How do I search by Folder?

Near the top of the search terms panel, you will see a section named "Folder Filters". You must first expand the section by clicking the arrow, then select the checkbox next to the Folder you want to display.


Can I search within a Folder?

Yes, you can use search terms to search within a Folder. After you've selected a Folder in the Folder Filters section, enter additional search terms and resubmit your search.

What if I get no search results?

If your search returns no results, try removing a search term to run a broader search.

Can I save search results to a Folder?

After running a search, you can click the "Select All" button which selects every item in your search result, then click the "Collect+" button to save all of the selected items to the Folder (Folder) selected in the dropdown menu. Then click the checkmark to save.


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