Manufacturer - Asset Basics and Uploading Files *NEW*

Asset Basics and Uploading Files

If you are a manufacturer the Assets page is where you upload all your assets. If you have a manufacturer account get started by dragging files onto your Assets page, you'll see progress indicators as the files upload to your account. Data can be added at any time before or after files are uploaded via your Data page, just make sure you match the file names exactly to the your data CSV (content spreadsheet).

What are Assets?

Assets are files of any kind. Examples include images (JPG, PNG, TIF), or files such as PDF, XLS, and video files (MP4). Shotfarm accepts any file type.

How do I upload Assets?

Easy-Peasy. You drag-and-drop them onto your Assets page, or click to select files located on your computer or network drive. See screenshot below.


Are there any asset upload requirements?

No. Any file type can be uploaded, at any file size, or pixel dimensions. Large files will take longer to upload depending on the speed of your Internet connection. There is a web browser limit on how many files can be dragged at any one time - see the note below.

How many files can I upload at once?

Depending on the total number of files, their size and your internet speed, it may take a few minutes to many minutes. If you try to upload more than 130 files we'll warn you that the upload may take a long time. It is best to use the unpack ZIP (unpack_[unique-name].zip) method for large number of files. If not using an unpack ZIP, it is best to batch upload files in groups of less than 200 files at any one time. Please do not leave the Assets page until your upload is complete.

Do I need to ZIP or prepare files before upload?

No. You should drag-and-drop files "as is". Optionally, if you have a lot of assets to upload then you should ZIP them up and name the resulting ZIP file "unpack_[unique-name].zip (example: Once the unpack ZIP is uploaded we'll unpack the contents and process them in the background. They will show up in your Gallery when processing is complete. If you upload a ZIP file it will remain a ZIP file in your Assets page unless it is: 1) marked as an "unpack" ZIP, or 2) a SpinSet (see: How do I upload SpinSets?).

How do I upload SpinSets?

You have two options to upload SpinSets.

  1. Upload a SpinSet ZIP file. Put your individual spin files in a folder named “spinset_[unique-name]”, then ZIP the folder, and upload by dragging onto your Assets page.
  2. Upload individual SpinSet files. As long as the naming convention is correct: spinset_[unique-name]_R01_C01.jpg, etc. and the [unique-name] value matches across the files, the spin files automatically combine to create a complete SpinSet on your Assets page.
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