How Do I Rename Files on Export?


After reading the step-by-step guide, watch the video of a user exporting a LightBox and setting up the File Renamer at the bottom of this help article.


1. Find the LightBox of products or assets you would like to rename on export and click LightBox Actions: Export. This will take you to the Export Factory.


2. Open the "Customize Assets" Section, then open the "File Renamer" section.


3. Select from one of the available "Core" product information fields that you would like to use to rename the files. Most commonly used fields are UPC or model number as they uniquely identify a product. You can select any field that has product information. You can also adjust the characters that are used between fields (underscore is the default) and words within the field.


4. When your settings are complete make sure the "File Renamer" checkbox is selected which makes your settings active. Then click the "Process Now" button and wait for your converted files to finish in the Manage > Downloads page.



Watch a user export a LightBox and set up File Renamer:

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