Known "Gallery 3" Issues


We will continue to update this section as new issues are uncovered or bugs are squashed. If you find a bug, please inform us by emailing or by clicking the "Submit a request" button in the upper right corner of the Help section.

  • Asset label input box flickers in product detail view when cycling between assets.
  • Changing "visibility" in the product detail view is working, but not providing a confirmation. (the product detail view Save button appears to be broken)
  • If you make edits to product data in the detail view and click "Back to Gallery View" the search query won't adjust with the changed data (if the changes should affect search). You will need to run the search again.
  • When you delete assets or product records the deletion notification in the upper right corner does not disappear after assets are deleted. However if you refresh the page the content will be deleted. This is just a notification issue.
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