What has Changed? *NEW*


The Assets page is all new with a comprehensive set of changes that are both visible (more modern interface) and functional (completely new search).

How do I access the Beta?

Go to beta.shotfarm.com/login in your web browser (it is a good idea to clear your browser's cache) and use your Shotfarm account user login credentials that you regularly use. You can switch back and forth between beta and standard Shotfarm just by selecting where you login. Any edits or deletions to your account's data or files will be permanent, as if you were using your regular live account.

Video Overview

Gallery View:
- Revamped Gallery user interface focusing on ease-of-use and less steps.
- Ability to group assets (files) by products or break them out to view separately.
- Ecommerce-style filtering of your gallery results. Click on a filter to quickly refine search results.
- Ability to search on all your fields of data.
- Continuous scroll of your Gallery View. No need to page through search results. The more you scroll the more content you view.
- "Select All" functionality goes beyond the "first page". This means you can select all products/assets in your search results.
- Easier ways to share and download without having to put the products into a Folder (LightBox) first.
- Filter Gallery results using your custom fields.

Product Detail View:
- Asset Labels: Now you can organize and filter your assets using labels.
- Organize your data fields into sections in the product detail view via your CSV datasheet.
- Quick data download. Download an Excel file of individual product data in the same format it is displayed.

Navigation, and LightBox nomenclature:
- Simplified main navigation menu focusing on the most often used features such as quick access to the Downloads page.
- LightBoxes have been changed to Folders. This is simply a name change to a more commonly used term - no functionality change.

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