How do I Create or Edit a Switch?

Clicking on the "Create New" Switch button takes you to the Switch Creator where you select your configuration options, upload a logo and name your Switch. Once your Switch is saved it will appear on your Manage Switches page. To edit an existing Switch navigate to your Manage > Switches page, then click the "Edit" link on the Switch.

What Options exist within the Switch Creator?

The Switch Creator is where you configure a new Switch or edit an existing Switch. Configuration options include the following sections:

  • Assets
  • Data
  • Messaging
  • Delivery
  • Design
  • Money

What is the Assets section?

What file requirements do you have? The assets section is where you select between the original unaltered files as uploaded by the manufacturer, or files that have been converted to your specific needs. For example, manufacturer assets uploaded and pushed to your account can be in many image formats such as JPG/PNG/TIF, but your ecommerce platform may require a single file type such as JPG. With Image Processor you can convert all image files to JPG regardless of their original format. The real power comes when you use options such as File Renamer or Image Processor in combination. Continue reading below for more details.

Image Processor

The Image Processor allows you to transform all files pushed through your Switch. Some examples include:

  • Resizing by pixel dimensions
  • Converting to a new file type (ex. TIF to JPG)
  • Changing color profiles

Remember, you can always combine Image Processor with File Renamer to get the  file output format you need.

File Renamer

File naming conventions are not consistent from one supplier to the next. This poses an issue as you will need to manually standardize to your file naming convention. Shotfarm's File Renamer allows your Switch to automatically rename files pushed through it with custom file names. Select fields of information you want, set their order, and the characters to put between the fields. Now you are ready. You can also resize image files at the same time by using Image Processor.

  1. Select the fields you want to appear in your file names. We recommend using fields such as Manufacturer, Brand, Model Name, or Model Number as these will always contain data supplied by the manufacturer.
  2. If no data exists for the chosen field you have the option (for select fields) to enter default text to show up in its place.
  3. Choose a character to put between words and fields. We default to a (space) between Fields and Words in Fields.
  4. Serialization (01, 02, 03, 04...) is set by default for "Duplicate Only" file names. You can force serialization for all files by changing the dropdown to "All Files".

What is the Data section?

How do you want your data? The Basic data section is where you select if you want all data fields supplied by the manufacturer (Core Fields + Additional Attributes) or the default Core Fields only. Core Fields are basic fields used to uniquely identify and describe products. Fields include Brand, Model Name, Model Number, and unique product identifiers such as UPC. The Advanced data section is where you select Conversion, Validation, and Output options. While some of the functionality is "coming soon" we'll be turning on these new features regularly so set up your Switch the way you need it to be now!


The Convert section offers a "Map Data Fields" feature allowing you to select one or more output mapping sheets to allow manufacturer data fields to be mapped to your output fields. Select from the output mapping sheets you’ve uploaded and have mapped Core Fields to 100% in your Manage Data page. Once selected, and the Switch is Published, your manufacturer partners will have to map their data fields to your data fields for data to flow through your Switch.


The Output section allows you to select the file format you would like for your data output sheet. The default is comma separated values (CSV) or you can select tab separated values (TSV), JSON, or XML. In your asset columns, would you rather have the image name or a web link (URL) to the images? By default, your Switch will deliver digital files in the format specified along with names of the files in the appropriate columns of your data output sheet. Select the "Deliver Links" option if you’d rather have web links (URLs) to the files. These download links will expire within 30 days as they are not for permanent hosting.

What is the Messaging section?

How do you want to be notified? The messaging section is where you select various messaging options. We strongly recommend that you introduce your partners to your Switch so they know it is available to install. What good is a Switch if no one knows about it? While some of the functionality is "coming soon", we'll be turning on new features regularly, so set up your Switch the way you need it to be now!

What is the Delivery section?

How do you want your data and assets to be delivered? The delivery section is where you select various delivery options.

Create Download

By default this option is turned on and sends data and assets processed through the Switch to your Manage Downloads page stored within a ZIP file for easy download.

Use URL to collect from our servers

A private static web directory is provided for your company to collect data and files processed through the Switch. Please enter credentials. Once you save your Switch we'll provide you with a unique URL.

Push to FTP

Send assets and data to an FTP site. You will need to setup login information so that we can deliver the Switch feed to the right place. Be sure to choose the proper selection between FTP, FTPS, and SFTP and specify a directory where the file(s) will be delivered. You must "test" the FTP settings before you can save with your Switch.

What is the Design section?

The design section is required as it is what your partners see in the Switch Marketplace. Enter a Switch Name, Front and Back Description, and drag-and-drop a JPG or PNG file of your company logo or other artwork to represent your Switch. We automatically put your company name on every Switch you create to uniquely identify your company as the Switch creator.

How do I share content specification files with partners?

ZIP up any files you'd like to share with partners such as content requirements or an image style guide and then upload by using the "Select ZIP File" button.

What is the Money section? (beta)

Who’s going to pay for your Switch? By default manufacturers pay for Switch installation. To help increase supplier adoption you may want to pay for all, or a percentage of, your Switch costs. You can even pay for a select group of partners while the rest pay full price. If you are paying for a percentage, you can set a limit for budget certainty. Contact if you'd like to discuss payment options for Switches.

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