How do I Map Fields to a Switch?


Before you can export product content through a partner's Switch you must map your relevant product fields to your partner's fields. Watch the video of a user mapping to a Switch at the bottom of this help article.


  • Step 1: Navigate to your Data page and then click on the "Map Switches" tab

  • Step 2: Select the product category you'd like to map in the "Your Current Master" section. You must select the lowest level of your product hierarchy to map and then map each section of the hierarchy that you need to push through your partner's Switch.

  • Step 3: Just like Core Field mapping you select your field on the left side of the table to map to your partner's field on the right side of the table. If you do not have the appropriate required field then you can select "Autofill" if the value applies globally to all your products. An example would be if your partner requires you to map to a field named "Gender" and they need a "Male/Female/Unisex" answer you can Autofill the value "Unisex" to this field. When you push your content through the Switch the content "Unisex" will be pushed to that field for all your products.

  • Step 4: Make sure you map to 100% and click "Save". Now you are ready to export a LightBox to your partner's Switch.

View a user mapping to a Switch video for more details:

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