How do I edit existing product content?

  1. Replace your existing Master CSV with the new, edited, or updated information.
  2. The other option is to use an Append CSV, but your data records must have Unique IDs (UID) if you want to edit existing data in your account. If your Append CSV has a matching UID, then you can add new fields to an existing product record, or replace the existing information by prioritizing the Append CSV higher than the Master CSV for that field. It is best to think through your data upload strategy in advance, but if all else fails, just replace your Master CSV with an updated one. We make it easy to start over.
  3. You can edit content directly in the product record by clicking on any product on your Assets page, then clicking the "Data Actions: Edit" option. After editing the content make sure you click "Save". You content is now updated.
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