What is a Unique ID (UID) and why should I use one?

The Unique ID is a 'key' that uniquely identifies products within your data set.

What field does your company use to uniquely identify your products? Many companies use UPC, but we allow you to map and field to the Unique ID field or mark an existing field such as UPC or model number as your UID. Whatever field of data you use as a unique ID, then the UID must be unique for each row in your data CSV or Shotfarm will only import one row as we expect a unique ID to be unique.

Make sure the Master/Append spreadsheet you upload always has the same column identified as the UID if you want to add to, or edit existing data. If you mix up the Unique ID the content will get mixed up.

If you are going to add new columns to, or edit existing product information in your account through Append CSVs you must have a UID identified when you Map Core Fields for your Master CSV. The UID matches the updated content to the existing product data in your account.

While UIDs are a best practice and we highly recommend using them, they are optional. However, if you do not use UIDs, then every row of data from your Master and Append CSVs are uploaded and displayed and you will not be able to replace, or edit existing data via a new spreadsheet.

  • If you use unique IDs (UID) they must be unique for each row of data within the same Data CSV (this is a feature, not a bug).
  • If you upload more than one row of data with duplicate UIDs then we display the first one we import. The rest are ignored.
  • The UID field can only be set by your Master CSV (not Append CSVs).
  • If your Master CSV set your UID as the UPC field (for example), then your Append CSVs need to use the same UID field if you are editing or adding data to existing products.


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