How do I replace my Master CSV?

  1. Go to your Data Page and use the Actions menu to download your current Master CSV, make any edits or additions to the spreadsheet (or start with a new Master CSV)
  2. Upload your new CSV and use Actions: Map Core Fields (or click on the Core Field Mapping %) which takes you to the Core Mapping page.
  3. Verify your Core Field mappings are correct and click the “Confirm All” checkmark at the top to select/confirm all mappings (make sure you are at 100% mapped). While our system remembers your last mappings, you should always double check that they are correct.
  4. Go back to the “Manage CSVs” tab and deactivate your current Master and (optionally) use Actions: Delete to delete the old CSV.
  5. Then click on the “Master Status” toggle to turn on your new CSV. We'll process all the new data and it will show on your Assets page. Best practice is to wait to deactivate your original Master until your new Master is ready to Activate. This limits the time there is no product data viewable in your account.
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