What are Core Fields?

Shotfarm Core Fields are standard industry fields used to identify products or assets. By making them common across Shotfarm all your coworkers and partners can consistently search for products across the platform. Core Fields also allow for advanced functionality such as renaming files based on Core Field content. If we didn't have a common set of fields, there would be no consistent way to search for and identify products across the Product Content Network.

Shotfarm Core Field validation rules:

  • Model Number and Part Number: no validation.
  • Unique ID (UID): no validation
  • GTIN-12 (UPC-A): 12 numeric digits
  • GTIN-8,13,14 (EAN): 8, 13, or 14 numeric digits. Checksum validated.
  • ASIN: 10 alphanumeric characters.
  • ISBN: 10 or 13 numeric digits, dash accepted. Checksum validated
  • UDI: no validation.
  • GLN: 13 numeric digits.
  • GPC: 8 numeric digits.
  • UNSPSC: 8 or 10 numeric digits.
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