Manufacturer - Why are my assets not connecting to my data?


If the data within your spreadsheet is not connecting to the images that you have uploaded on your Assets page, then there are generally 3 questions that you can ask.

  1. Do the files I uploaded on my Assets page match the file names that I have in my spreadsheet?
  2. Do I have the file name extensions within my spreadsheet? One common mistake is that the file extension is not added within the data sheet (examples: .jpg, .png, .mp4, .pdf, etc.). Please make sure to check that the complete file name including extension is in your data sheet.


  3. Have I mapped the fields in my data CSV that contain my file names to Shotfarm's Core Fields properly? You must map to the "Main File Name" Core Field to have an image show up with data in your Gallery View.



If the uploaded file names match what is in your spreadsheet, and you have mapped your file name fields correctly in the Map Core fields page, then data will "marry" with the images that you have uploaded.



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