How do I export Assets and Data through a Switch?


After reading the step-by-step guide watch the video of a user exporting a LightBox through a Switch at the bottom of this article.


  • Find and install a Switch from the Switch Marketplace which is available in the "Do More" menu


  • Go to your Data > Map Switches page to map the relevant product category 100% to your partners output category (this is required if the retailer has an output template)


  • Find the LightBox you want to push through the Switch and click LightBox Actions: Export


  • In the Export Factory click on the Partner Switches tab and find your partners Switch.


Your options to push the content include:

  • "Download" which bypasses the Switch delivery options and always sends the files and data to your Manage Downloads page.
  • "Push Now" - this is the default option - pushes the assets and data through the Switch using the complete delivery specification. For example, if the Switch is set to push files to an FTP server, or is set to deliver URLs to files in the CSV spreadsheet.
  • "Preview" the first ten rows of data processed through the Switch settings. This is used to confirm Switch output before processing a complete LightBox.
  • "Configure" which allows you to attach a LightBox to a Switch. If the retailer has a Switch delivery schedule setup then your data will be pushed automatically to that retailer based on their schedule.

After you push a LightBox through the Switch you can confirm the data that was pushed by download a copy from your Manage Downloads page. You will always have a copy of every LightBox pushed through a Switch.


Watch a user export a LightBox through a Switch:


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